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3d printed Apple Watch Stand

3d printed Apple Watch Stand

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This 3d Printed Apple Watch Stand blends in with any decor. The Apple Watch charging unit fits snugly in the back, with the cable running through the stand and out the bottom. There's a hole in the back for easy removal.

The compact dock houses the wireless charging disc and tucks the cable neatly underneath to keep your bedside table, hall table or wherever you normally charge your watch... that's neat, tidy and offers a discreet alternative to some of the other bulkier charging docks out there.

Unlike some other docks, a great advantage of this dock is that it keeps the Watch in landscape mode enabling the Watch’s nightstand feature, creating your own bedside clock while it charges.

We print using PLA. Don't see a color that we offer? Ask, and we'll see if we can find it for you!

Want more info? Check out the original listing on Thinigiverse!

Note: Watch and charging unit NOT included!

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