Welcome to Widgets3D!

We bring ideas to life, one layer at a time!

  • Materials

    We use high quality materials in a variety of colors to print with.

    • PLA is easy to print and sand. comes in a wide variety of colors, and is relatively stiff, which makes it great for everyday printing. Just don't leave it in the car during the summer!
    • ABS is considered an engineering material. It's harder to print with, but can withstand higher temps than PLA, and is a bit more flexible. This is great for items that will be used outside, or in a car. Easy to sand and smooth (just use acetone).
    • PETG is another engineering material. It's easy to print than ABS, and is more flexible than PLA. It sands well, but unlike ABS, acetone doesn't bother it.
    • ASA another material like ABS. It's tough and durable. Perfect for items that will be used outside!
    • Resin we use this anytime we need highly detailed parts. Resins come in a variety of types, including some that mimic ABS, or even rubber!
  • Machines

    We use a variety of printers in our shop.

    • Bambu with AMS this is our workhorse! It produces high quality prints using up to 4(currently) materials in the same item. Using Support material, we can even orient the part for better strength or finish. We can print parts up to about 10"x10"x10"
    • Prusa MK3 with MMU This is our other workhorse. When we have prints with more colors needed, This is our goto printer! We can print parts up to 8"x8"x8"
    • Prusa Mini This compact printer works great for smaller single color parts. It handles ABS and PETG nicely as well! Even though it's compact, we can still print up to 7"x7"x7"
    • CR-10 This beast of a printer is for our larger prints, With a volume of 12"x12"x2", we can print a full helmet in one piece!
    • Photon Mono X2 This is our resin printer. When you need something printed with fine details, this is perfect! Great for gaming minis, or figures for painting! This printer can go up to 4"x8"x8"
  • Services

    We also offer the following Services:

    • CAD We use Rhino3d. Most of the inhouse products we sell were made in Rhino. We can work from a drawing, or from an item
    • Prototyping Got a model you want to handle before it goes into production? We can print it for you!
    • Printer Servicing We've got over 7 years of experience keeping our machines up and running. Got an issue with a Creality or Prusa (or clone)? We've probably dealt with the same issue!