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Life sized Brick Collapsible Blade Lightsaber Prop

Life sized Brick Collapsible Blade Lightsaber Prop

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Unleash the Force with our Life-Size Brick Lightsaber, a must-have for any aspiring Jedi or Sith!

Featuring a Collapsible Blade: Extend the adventure with a blade that slides out to nearly 37 inches and collapses down to a compact 9 inches!

Choose your allegiance with interchangeable blade colors – blue, green, red, yellow, white or purple – all with a sleek grey handle. If you want multiple blades, let us know before you order, and we'll put together a custom listing just for you!

It's perfectly sized for both young Padawans and wise Masters alike, this prop is balanced for comfort and ease of handling.

Desk to Cosplay: Whether displayed as a desktop ornament or wielded in your next cosplay, this lightsaber is versatile for all occasions.

Our Life-Size Brick Lightsaber is a tribute to the iconic weapon of the Star Wars universe, reimagined in a Brick style. The collapsible blade feature allows for easy storage and a dramatic reveal, while the interchangeable colors let you switch sides from Jedi to Sith at a moment’s notice. The handle unscrews at the bottom, making color changes a breeze.

This prop is perfect for conventions, costume parties, or simply as a conversation piece in your home or office. Its life-size scale makes it an impressive replica for any Star Wars enthusiast.

Become the Hero (or Villain): Order your Life-Size Brick Lightsaber today and step into a larger world where your destiny awaits!

This product description is crafted to capture the imagination of Star Wars fans, highlighting the lightsaber’s unique features and versatility. May the Force be with you!

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